Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Week three

Plastic free living is fully underway and friends, family and colleagues are starting to get used to my unusual 'no plastic please' requests!!

I'm pleased at the results the plastic challenge is having as supporters frequently mention that they are frustrated 'over' packaged items. For example, birthday card shopping proved to be nearly impossible! Hundreds and hundreds of cards are singly wrapped in plastic film. I eventually found 4 or 5 options unwrapped, they were no different from the rest, so why wrap the others? Shelf appeal is not a good enough reason.

The impacts of plastic pollution in our oceans need to be recognised and by getting people to realise how prevalent it's in our society is the first step. I'm proving that reducing your plastic footprint is achievable.   

I visited a few different butchers who have been happy to serve meat straight in to my tupperware box - yipee!! Another reason why independent shops can be better than the big chains (plus you can also ask where the meat came from!!).

Admittedly, shopping in the supermarkets is difficult. I've tried to find plastic free alternatives but I find myself back at the local stores picking up items for the week. Loading up with rice, pasta, cereals at the start of the challenge has made living plastic free so much easier and investing the time to do that was worth while.

Storage for all my bits has proven interesting as I've run out of tupperware!! I found myself being resourceful, re-using glass jars and cereal boxes to store food!

Will you make the plastic promise?

5 gyres, a US organisation states that the solution to marine plastic pollution starts with you. See the 5 simple things you can to today...

Plastic out.

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