Saturday, 16 February 2013

Thank you natracare

A huge thank you to natracare for their generous £100 sponsorship, I'm blown away by their support and it's certainly given me a great start to the 6 week challenge.

Natracare are an award winning, ethical company committed to offering organic and natural solutions for personal health care.

I've enjoyed navigating around their website, each click leads to more information on how this company are reducing their carbon footprint and supporting the environment. Please make sure you visit their website - 

They have some great information about plastic waste in our sea's, I particularly enjoyed the video which demonstrates fish swimming in a plastic ocean, ingesting toxic plastic particles, being caught and put on show in  shrink-wrapped plastic packaging. Ironic hey?

From the Natracare website:

"Plastics are present in every part of every ocean on our planet and since we humans live uphill and upstream from the oceans, a large part of our lightweight plastic trash inevitably ends up in the sea. From this point, it moves to innumerable habitats where complex problems occur. Plastic trash, such as sanitary pads and diapers are often found fouling the beaches of the world and cause a public health hazard. Plastic entangles marine life, killing it by strangulation, drowning and reduction of feeding ability. Plastic is ingested by marine creatures such as seabirds, marine animals and turtles, as they mistake it for natural food and as a consequence, it irritates the stomach lining, interferes with fat accumulation so it affects migration and breeding and ultimately the creatures starve to death.

Petroleum based polymers do not biodegrade and move slowly in the ocean creating massive plastic islands thousands of square miles across not only creating visual pollution but as the plastic breaks down into brittle, smaller pieces, they can be mistaken for plankton, and when these particles sink to the bottom of the ocean, they interfere with the composition of ocean floor sediment, and inhibits exchange of gasses  across the ocean floor and upper levels possibly interfering with CO2 sequestration. (Goldberg 1997).  Marine plastic litter  threatens coastal species by destroying nursery habitat where new life would otherwise emerge.  Microscopic marine plastics have increased significantly in the North Atlantic since the 1960’s (Thompson et al., 2004). Plastic was found in all trawl samples in the north Pacific between 1999 and 2007 (Moore C J et al 2007)."

Susie the owner has built this company with a great philosophy and made it successful through her caring decisions. 

Thank you natracare, keep leading the way! 

Finally, to all the ladies - lets support this great company and our mother nature! :) 


  1. Hi Emily. I love what you are doing and will be keenly tracking your progress. I have posted a link on our (sea-Changers) facebook page too which I hope will drive some traffic your way. Best of luck with it and with the fundraising.

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