Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Lent starts today and my plastic challenge is underway!

What a better way to start than an interview with the Bristol Evening Post!! I met with David Clansy who is going publish a feature on my plastic challenge, this is fantastic and it will certainly help raise awareness about the plastic problem. Make sure you purchase tomorrow's copy!

Are you giving something up for lent? Why not take something up instead?! Be more charitable and support people and organisations who dedicate their time and money to making a difference. Want to help reduce plastic waste in our oceans? Join the MCS on one of their Big Beach Cleans in 2013 ( or simply donate! Visit my virgin fundraising page to do your bit :)

I received my first milk delivery today from the local milkman. Plastic free milk delivered to your doorstep is definitely the way forward!

Plastic out.