Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ready, steady......

Hi everyone, 

A big thank you to the support I've received over the past few days, people have been asking lots of questions and donating generously :) 

I've had a few successful days in preparation for Lent 2013. 

Firstly I popped into LUSH to purchase their naked products, I was greeted by the very helpful Minx who guided me around the store and explained each item. 

I walked away with shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, moisturizer, toner and TOOTHPASTE! LUSH have saved me! Not only are the LUSH products sold 'naked' they have great ethics. Everything contains natural ingredients, less preservatives and they avoid using palm oil which is a great achievement. I will enjoy having a healthy mind as well as a healthy body! 

             (From left to right: deodorant, toner, conditioner, shampoo and moisturizer!)

Secondly, I hit Gloucester road (street in Bristol containing a fab selection of independent shops - I've heard its the longest road of independent retailers in Europe!!) loaded with containers and re-usable bags. I now have everything I need for a week PLASTIC FREE, bread, veg, pantry items and cheese! 

The pantry items were purchased from Scoop-away, an organic food store that sell products in 'serve yourself' bins/tubs. I was amazed at the selection they have, everything from baking ingredients to cereals, herbs, spices and dried fruit! 

Kate the owner was interested to hear about the challenge and kindly helped me load up my containers, weighing them separately to ensure the cost of my tubs were not included in the total. My scoop-away receipt read cous-cous, rice, pasta, tea bags, pepper, cereal and fairy liquid (from an ecover dispenser!)

On top of getting everything plastic free, It was so great to see Gloucester road bustling with people. Each store was packed and everyone happy supporting their community by shopping locally! 

I have a positive outlook for the week ahead, hopefully I havn't forget anything as I will not be able to return to G.road during working the week! 

Plastic out! 

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